Are you feeling stuck but know you are ready to birth something new? Your business? Not sure where to start, how to get it right? It’s a challenge and it’s doable! You are unique and and so is your business and so are your ideal clients. Yours weren’t be the same as anyone else’s and once you’re in your zone, they will start to find you, without chasing them!

That’s where I come in, helping you to bring all the pieces together, find confidence and clarity. And you can enjoy the process of creating a profitable business too!

“This time last year, my neighbour Charlotte, (Lotts and Lots on Instagram) over a nursery run chat, asked me about coaching. She was juggling two little children and so ready to have a look at her own dreams.” Since then I’ve seen her accomplish so much. This is is from her blog, inspiring other women to seek what they want!

I was at a bit of a deadend.

“I was a bit of a deadend so took a big brave step and had a fabulous coaching day with Rosemary Cunningham. It gave me hope and trust in myself”.

We spent a day of business coaching together. I led Charlotte to feel into her dreams, meeting her future clients in a visualisation, planning, exploring. After an assessment, she met her stunning Artist and Alchemist Business Branding Archetypes which represent what she is here to do in her business in this lifetime. That showed her how she can integrate all the parts of her, her skills, loves and passions into a business she loves, one doable, step at a time.

On a whim I started selling flowers and they sold out again and again and again.

“Charlotte wasn’t in a hurry but she did want to start taking steps and she did.

“On a whim I started selling flowers and they sold out again and again and again. I asked the Universe for a sign and they kept coming. I’d always dismissed a floral path for fear of treading on other people’s toes but the more I listened the more I knew this is what I had to do”.

I took an ever braver step and invested my savings in a Floret Flower Course, which is where I am now. Standing in front of my vision board with my scale ruler and fireworks going off in my brain….. I hope my story gives you some hope too…. (see the photo!)

The Money and Branding coaching I had with Rosemary is the best investment I have made in my adult life.

“The Sacred Money and Branding with Archetypes business coaching I had with Rosemary is the best investment I have made in my adult life. I had reservations about having coaching as I always associated it with a corporate career or an established business. I never felt like it was for me. I have many different strings to my bow and am at a place where I want to join the skills I have together.

With Rosemary’s vast experience and gentle guidance I was able to explore different areas of my skills. I saw my strengths as well as weaknesses and left the sessions with an exciting and expansive horizon in front of me”. 

If you’re ready to launch your new business and you think you might need some help, do contact me. I can help you create your vision and plan, set up your marketing and find what you need.

I’ve been running my own business for twenty eight years now and have mentored many students who are happily bringing their unique magic into the world through their business.
Running a business isn’t easy but it can be the most satisfying thing you ever do.

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Rosemary is a Money Breakthrough Business Coach, helping heart centred women to create the businesses that are profitable and bring them joy!

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