Money Mastery for Women, 90 day individual coaching programme 

200069834-001This is for you if want to explore your own relationship with money or if you have a business.

You just know your own money stuff is holding you back and you’re ready to do some work on this.

This course gives new freedom.   My students all comment that they worry about money less and have a much happier relationship with it.

“The course was fantastic.  It opened my mind to my negative relationship with money that I was unaware of.   I now see I can be joyful and positive about  money”.  Natasha. 

We find strength and confidence we didn’t know they have, attract new opportunities and have a much greater level of understanding of how money works and how we can work with it rather than fight against it.

  • You explore your own money story and create your own new powerful one that really serves you.
  • We look at the energy of money, how it works.
  • We learn  little things we can do every day to clear ourselves to attract more into our lives.

“Rosemary helped me to find the power within myself …. and to feel confident in going forwards”.  Harriet Stack.

Lou McDonald says “My own money blocks were affecting my business; I was “playing small” even invoicing people for work I had completed was painful. After the 1st session I noticed a dramatic difference, which resulted in me chasing up late payments & following up effectively with prospective clients, which obviously had a dramatic effect on my bank balance.

Jo Shaer says, I was very reticent about valuing myself, my knowledge and my experience … I am now able to give a price and know that I’m worth it – not just for myself but for the benefits I bring the client.  Being able to say a figure with confidence – rather than looking away and mumbling – directly impacts the positive way a potential clients responds.”

“Rosemary encouraged me to look into my finances, take control, plan for future, deal with current issues and set goals.   Rosemary encouraged by showing me different ways and means to deal with money situations and how to make it less complicated.” Sandra Harnor

Contact Rosemary or call 07967 121167 to arrange a complimentary strategy session to see if this which programme would suit you.

These are comments from my most recent Money Mastery Course.
“Rosemary provided a good, supportive environment, a nurturing and warm space where I felt safe to speak. The course can change and challenge your old, unhelpful attitudes to money.”

“I enjoyed talking about money in a positive and humorous way.  I am now more relaxed and less anxious about money”.

“The course was relaxed, insightful and empowering. I felt comfortable to share all the realisations that came up for me and the way I see money has changed.  I’m now much more relaxed about it”.  Jensine Overaa.

Investment for this transformative one to one programme is £1495.  

If this is calling you and you would like to know more, give me a ring on 07967 121167 to book your 40 minute complimentary Money Breakthrough session.