Each week I interview people in my Winning Women Facebook group and Youtube Channel. 

I wanted to share this one here as it’s so topical and am helped so many women in the group.

I interview Julie Willis as takes people through a three day training called the Lightning Process and specialises in helping people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and now Long Covid.  Grab a cuppa!  The video is 47 minutes long.

The Lightning Process helped Julie’s husband recover really quickly after several years of debilitationnwith Chronic Fatigue.  She was inspired to become a practitioner  so embarked on 3 years training.  Julie  now very successfully helps clients herself.

I had a friend who spent ten years in bed with ME and the Lighting process helped him now be a father of two, trained to be a conveyancer and living a totally normal life.

Do have a listen as this can help all chronic conditions, where we are “stuck”.

Julie is based in Southend-on-sea, Essex, UK.
Here’s her website.

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