Bowen & Reflexology

Bowen for muscle pain

I was suffering with excrutiating pain at night.   My muscles were pulling from feet, my legs, into my body and down my arms.  I’m normally full of beans, very busy and always on the move. It was agony to get out of bed and I thought Im too young for this at 65.

Bowen Therapy for Children

“Bowen has changed our son’s life. He suffers with high anxiety with his Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) so worries constantly.  After his first session, he cried with relief saying his head was empty for the first time, and that he felt “like he was supposed to be”. His ability to deal with stress and changes etc, has changed drastically. It hasn’t just changed his world, but our world at home too. All 3 of our children spend their week counting down to their Bowen sessions, it’s a treat they can’t live without.”
Angela Purkis 

Bowen helps Louise with sciatica and recovery from mastectomy.

I was at crisis point…  I was recovering from a mastectomy and reconstruction.  My sciatica was unbearable.

I responded immediately.    Rosemary ..helped me through a very distressing time and now I feel positive again about my future.

Bowen for children with ASD, SPD, Hypermobility and allergies

Our eldest who is 12 has Autistic Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, Sensory Processing Disorder and Hypermobility Syndrome, along with eczema and asthma and multiple severe allergies.He never slept without medication, and couldn’t relax. After his first Bowen session, he came out in tears, saying it was the first time his head was quiet and he felt like he was supposed to be. It has been life changing for him, and helped with not just the mental health aspect but physically has improved his pain and hip alignment.

Bowen for hypermobility,hypotonia and muscle pain.

“My son was born with a rare condition called Cleidocranial dysplasia and has always had aches and pains. He has poor muscle tone (hypotonia) and is hyper mobile in all his joints.  He has had a dislocated rib twice and as he has absent clavicles, is at risk of shoulder dislocations .

Bowen relieves windy baby

Kseniya brought 7 week old Bella to see me at the Bowen Childrens Clinic.

Bella was suffering with windy tummy,  disturbed sleep she seemed to be in pain with her tummy.

Bowen for anxious, unhappy toddler.

Mum described Owen as being unhappy 90% of the time, always shouting, whining, crying and very clingy.   He also used to wake up crying at night.   She could never leave him alone for a minute.

After his first session of Bowen, mum said that she felt immediately a change.   He was generally happier when he got home.  The next day she was able to leave him wandering around and playing with his toys and this has continued.

Reflexology for Fertility Issues

I started seeing Rosemary for reflexology in the summer of 2007. My husband and I had been trying for a baby for almost four years. My failure to conceive was never fully explained at the time and so after an unsuccessful IUI attempt I decided to take matters into my own hands and investigate alternative and complementary therapies.

Bowen Therapy for two frozen shoulders.

For 18 months I have suffered with a Frozen Shoulder and for the last 6 months both shoulders had become frozen.  I was amazed that after just one session I could touch the back of my head and brush my hair.   I had

4 sessions in total and found that immediately after each, I had a little more movement back.

Reflexology for a contented pregnancy!

Erica was born at 37 weeks, 5lb 3oz by normal delivery. It was one of the most amazing and liberating experiences to give birth naturally and positively after experiencing birth trauma with my first child-birth. I feel that the reflexology sessions contributed greatly to the outcome and my general emotional preparation for the big day. I am indebted to Rosemary and wholeheartedly recommend her reflexology sessions.

Bowen for pain in buttock

In January of this year, I was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc at the L5/S1 level, which had bulged, split open and broken off. I was in agony and couldn’t walk, get in and out of a car, sleep or sit. The pain originated from my low back, radiated into my left buttock, went down my thigh to my knee and then down my calf into my heel.