June 12, 2018

Money Mastery for Women in Essex 18 July

Rosemary Cunningham

Are you ready for a money breakthrough in your life and your business?

In a supportive, friendly, non-judgemental small group, explore your relationship with money, starting to clear the past and create a future of your choosing. You will make some changes and leave with lightness and positivity.This is for you if you know you and money aren’t the best of friends and you would love a much easier relationship. Maybe you struggle asking for money, calling in debts.

  • Maybe you’re a spender or maybe the idea of spending anything, especially on yourself, fills you with dread.
  • We look at the energy of money, how it works. We learn what you can do every day to clear ourselves to attract more into our lives.
  • You explore your own money story, what you inherited and how it’s impacting you now.
  • You’ll also get a huge understanding of how different we all are and why you and your partner argue so much about money or agree to differ.

“Rosemary provided a good, supportive environment, a nurturing and warm space where I felt safe to speak. The course can change and challenge your old, unhelpful attitudes to money.”

“I feel like a different person – lighter, more carefree and confident. Rosemary helped me transition from work-slave to independent & optimistic. Gwendy Morrison, retired head teacher.

Lou said “My own money blocks were affecting my business; I was ”playing small” even invoicing people for work I had completed was painful. After the 1st session I noticed a dramatic difference, which resulted in me chasing up late payments & following up effectively with prospective clients, which obviously had a dramatic effect on my bank balance.”

Jo Shaer said, “I was very reticent about valuing myself, my knowledge and my experience … I am now able to give a price and know that I’m worth it – not just for myself but for the benefits I bring the client. Being able to say a figure with confidence – rather than looking away and mumbling – directly impacts the positive way a potential clients responds.”

If this sounds interesting but you would rather work privately, please ask. Groups aren’t for everyone.

To save your place, please transfer £99 to Rosemary Cunningham. A/C 75560542 Sort 600924 Reference Money Course.

Card payment and payment  plans are also available.   Please message me or ring on 07967 121167 with any questions.


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