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Meet your Ideal Clients

This morning I spent some time with my ideal clients.   I wasn't with them in person, it was a visualisation that I first used some years ago and return to whenever I have a new project or want to refresh an existing one. I used this when I was creating the Essex...

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Football Boots for Africa

We need your old football boots for Africa! In 2016 we sent football strip to seventeen Zambian village teams and football boots to just twenty men. We now have hundreds more who are playing without boots and their team would love your old football strip too! Football...

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Five Tips for Manifesting More Wealth

This is what I saw when I opened my washing machine yesterday.  Yes, the £5 note was stuck on the door waiting for me and when I'd opened it earlier £1.30 fell out!  I laughed, said thank you and got excited! I've been doing a lot of work on money myself this last...

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