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Fear of rejection.

Are you have a  fear of rejection? I am and holding me back lately so here's an honest, raw and unscripted and short blog to get this sorted and out in the open! I'm wondering where my rejection stuff comes from and I had a realisation this afternoon. Tomorrow I'm...

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Forget the To Do List, create a Results List!

Forget the To Do List, create a Results List! It’s easy to have a massive “to do list” but if we don’t have a system in place, our to do list ends up being very small tasks which my mean lots of cups of tea but not much progress or satisfaction at the end of the day....

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Branding with Archetypes

Branding with Archetypes is one of the most business powerful tools I've ever found.  Knowing your archetypes will tell you what and who you came here to do and be in your business and how you can present that to the world. They are the reason I borrowed a large sum...

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