Let’s talk about ideal clients, those people who appear out of nowhere, are a total joy to work with, never quibble at your charges, recommend you to nice people and keep coming back… Aaah, where are they?!

I’m thrilled that I attracted 16 such women on my last course and I’m ready for some more so I’ll be working with you, sharing, exploring the process and we can do this together starting the week of 9th June, 8pm on a Tuesday evening for 21 days!

Do you wish you were attracting plenty of clients that could afford your fees and a calendar of clients you love to work with who are ready to pay you? If so, I can help.

In this 21 day course, I’m doing four live Zoom sessions where I will personally show you how to manifest your ideal clients right now.

Working together in real time, you’ll do the work on the call!

We will work together, in real time, getting crystal clear on your niche, choosing the marketing that you’ll love to allow them to find you with grace and ease.

Successful marketing is all about energy and alignment as well as carefully selected nuts and bolts so your clients can find you. At the moment you may well be invisible to them!

I’ll also share some powerful energetic practices that will help bring them into your world!

Even if you have no clients right now or you don’t know what your niche is right now, maybe you’re a techo phobe and terrified of marketing, I’ll help you get clear and in the zone to start attracting them right away.

The investment for this life and business changing 21 day course is £179 and includes a 30 minute personal coaching call with me, value £70.

I guarantee you fun, laughter and learning and really tuning in with the people you are most here to serve so they can find you with ease

Pay £179 by Paypal to info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk or by transfer to A/C 75560542 Sort 600924 Rosemary Cunningham

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