You and your unique skills and talents are now needed more than ever to create the new world!  What holds us back most is our mindset, stuck in the past.  

I’ve had a big heart call to host this course again, at a time when there is so much fear around money on the planet.  When we understand our money mindset, fear is something we notice and let go of.  Then we are open to attract much more of the good stuff in our lives. 

Come and join this course and embrace abundance by owning your worth and  unhooking yourself from old patterns, beliefs and habits that are no longer serving you. Then you are strong, robust and ready, with firm building blocks in place to grow something new, prosperous and exciting!

So, starting on Tuesday,  21 June I will be running a very special five week women’s Abundance Money Mastermind online!

At such a stressful time around money, I’ve been called to offer this group course at a really special investment of £100.

90 minute Live classes on Zoom on the 21, 28 June and 5, 12, 19 July at 7.30 pm UK time, 2.30pm ET. 

Plus bonus classes, exercises and videos in between and you’ll be encouraged to meet with your assigned course buddy too! 

You can do as much or as little as you want to embrace and time allows. You can save your place by paying £100 with any card now or two monthly installments of £60.  Money isn’t a reason for not attending!

Pay £100 Now

Save your place with a non returnable £60 now and £60 in four weeks time. Total £120

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This is a new course for a new time and you will create it with me. I have the tools and you will bring your own unique magic to the virtual table one evening a week with access to a private Facebook group in between times where you can share your celebrations and victories, challenges and questions which can be answered immediately.

Five weeks is perfect to create gain huge self awareness and start creating habits. You will work with our money mindset, understand your money blocks and challenges so you can create a totally new relationship with money.

Many of my students choose to carry on and work with me one to one or there will be the option for more group work, although your investment for future coaching won’t match this princely £100!

This is for you if:

  • Maybe you’re scared about money. This will cut us off from our flow. At the moment, there is so much money anxiety and scarcity. We will learn to re-frame this and find our own new way .
  • you are struggling to attract clients who will pay what you are worth.
  • you are open to exploring your past, your family history.
  • you are wondering what will people be need from you and will pay for. Together we can feel into creating new services and collaborations within the group. Deep friendships and collaborations always come from my money courses!
  • Even if you have worked with me on your money mindset before, this is a new time with different energy and perfect to revisit and co-create something amazing with a group of women.


The Course

  • We will start with understanding your unique money personality using Sacred Money Archetypes.  This is a powerful to understand your path with money when you are absolutely at your best, then that is what you create.
  • You will have Abundance Exercises and “home play” to do in between calls. We can check in together, share stories and experiences and learn from each other, like our Winning Women brainstorming groups which are so valuable.
  • A powerful, kind and generous community of women to support each other, create together and play together. Magic always happens when we women grow together in a safe, non judgmental space.

Money Mastery students have said.

Hayley Jarvis, Financial Planner.   “What an eye opener! I am a Chartered Financial Planner and have been on top of the practical side of money for years. There are a few exercises that address this but this course, for me, was far more about my RELATIONSHIP with money.

My deeply held beliefs about money, how some of those views have been influencing my life choices for YEARS..To be aware of those views and repeat behaviours I am not happy with.

Finally it has given me the chance to reflect and make changes for the future I want, my Celebrity now needs to shine! It was a safe space that allowed me to open up but there was no pressure to talk or put forward our views and opinions. It was great to work with a lovely group that were supportive and insightful.

I recommend this to anyone wanting to get a better understanding of their money; their beliefs behind money and how this is effecting their choices and for those that want to make changes. This course offers practical exercises to help you take action”.   

“The exercises and insights Rosemary provided for our group was of tremendous value, also the women in the group shared insights and experiences which brought additional information and awareness.

While the class was held during the global lockdown, she worked with the challenging energies we all found ourselves in and guided us all and herself during these intense times towards clarity, stability and focus”. 

Mieke Benton, Author and Coach

Rosemary makes you feel very comfortable and within that safe space, she really helped to unearth what was hiding underneath all my issues around money! Since then I have learned my value and stopped rushing in with discounts before people even ask me! my income has increased with just that one small step and no extra work! Had so many lightbulb moments, and even since the course has finished even more is unfolding!
It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. 
Catherine Chalmers

“I gained the confidence to increase my prices after ten years.. I finally let a client go, accepting they would never fit into my new “ideal client” profile. I ended up with a win-win. More time without losing money. My new assistant is working three days a week and is totally awesome. A true gift from God. We hit deadlines, cleared the backlog and more importantly the ever increasing overdraft. Debbie Potter.

“Our household income has doubled in the year since I worked with Rosemary. Working with my money archetypes, I become much less fearful about money, I realised I was doing much better in my new mortgage business and my increased confidence allowed my business to blossom. I left my paid job and even employed 3 people to help me! My new found confidence in money took the pressure away from my husband (which I didn’t even know was there!) and he then felt able to find a more challenging role with much better pay and conditions.   Sam Lindsay, My Mortgage Angel

Rosemary’s Money Master completely changed my attitude and outlook about money. This in turn has helped me to go from prolific credit card user with no savings to now paying off most of my cards and having several savings pots! I never realised how our thoughts and beliefs about money could hold us back but with Rosemary’s help I uncovered a lot of things that I never knew and am very grateful for that. I definitely recommend any of Rosemary’s courses to anyone, she is so understanding and insightful”. Kelly Schrader. Mallow Magic

Your Investment for this transformation!

You can save your place by paying £100 with any card now or two monthly installments of £60.  This is a one off!  Please don’t delay.  This won’t be repeated!

Pay £100 Now

Pay two installments of £60, one now and one in four weeks, total £120

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