Would you love to get really happy and abundant this autumn, whatever’s going on around you?   Come and join a like minded group of women, focussing on abundance, fun, money and purpose.   Change those deep patterns once and for all and have a fabulous experience to boot! 

My new Money Mastermind for Women begins on 20 October , 8pm British Summer Time on Zoom. That’s 3pm ET. This a course for deep tranformation, lots of fun and so you can have a giggle while sorting your relationship with money, once and for all!

“Rosemary’s Money Mastermind 6 week course was life changing. Six weeks later, I have confidently put my fees up and taken on a new client who was happy to pay me more. I have set clearer boundaries for my health and business which has given me more time freedom, and to say “No” more, (something I have hugely struggled with) and I’m earning more at the same time. Lisa Ferris, My VA, Virtual Assistant.

We begin on 20 October, 7.30pm with 6 weekly 90 minute Zoom calls. In the calls you will master

  • Your unique money personality, your money archetypes. Your money personality and your beliefs about money are what makes you tick about money. When you go against the flow of your money personality, everything feels hard and you’ll find conflict and confusion that you just can’t get past.
  • Your Money Past. We take a look at your money story, your history, the beliefs you have taken on from other people and made your own, often subconsciously. You then rewrite your money story to one that will take you forward with ease and abundance!
  • Your Money Present. You will look at your boundaries, your anxieties about money, money conversations, see where they need some reinforcement and put new ways creating new powerful ways for our family, business and all our life going forward.
  • Your Money Future! Create an exciting money future for your money, life and business and put boundaries and provisions in place to achieve that, starting now! You will finish the course with so much awareness, really know where you want to be and have felt how you can achieve it too, ready for the new era to come!
  • Conscious Creation! Money doesn’t have to be serious! We will play, having fun creating money with an Abundance exercise this week. There will be lots of practice changing our language and thought so they really empower us creating what we want!


  1. A kick off, kick ass Money Breakthrough session with me if you book and pay in full by 17th October! This powerful 60 minute bonus session, before we start the course goes deep into your relationship with money. It will help you clear blocks that are holding you back.

2. A Private Facebook Group . You will have a supportive community of other women to learn from, cheer each other on. You can work through exercises with a buddy or do it solo, it’s up to you.

3. An Accountability Buddy! I will assign you with a partner in crime/accountability partner to work with in the group. These are powerful alliances help you move forward consistently and get the best results!

This is a Beta Course, one I will run online in future. As I am asking for your feedback and to be a case study if you’re willing! Your investment is £297 if paid in full or two payments of £150.

This includes two 30 minute individual coaching sessions with me to be taken during the course, value £200. 

If you would like to have a chat with me and see if this is the best option for you, do book a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call here.

You can book your place by transferring £297 or £150 by Paypal, info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk or bank transfer to Rosemary Cunningham, A/C 75560542 Sort 600924. Message me if you prefer to pay another way. I can accept card payments too.

Here’s what my Money Mastermind students in 2020 said!

What an eye opener! I am a Chartered Financial Planner and have been on top of the practical side of money for years. There are a few exercises that address this but this course, for me, was far more about my RELATIONSHIP with money. My deeply held beliefs about money, how some of those views have been influencing my life choices for YEARS..To be aware of those views and repeat behaviours I am not happy with. Hayley Jarvis.

 “I immediately put up my coaching prices and clients are happily paying the new prices. I also started creating packages for my services. My lowest money archetype was celebrity and I have found that since knowing this, I have spent more money on the business to make it look more professional and get noticed more”.

If you think that you are holding yourself back in terms of your financial freedom, I would definitely recommend working with Rosemary. She demonstrates a very different way of looking at money and value. Once you release the restrictions you have placed on yourself, it opens up so many more possibilities. I have lifted the restrictions that I unconsciously placed on myself. I now believe that I can have the kind of financial future that I want for myself and that I don’t have to work every hour there is to get there.

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